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Village of Riverwoods
– official site for Village news, events, meetings, ordinances, etc.
Des Plaines River Watershed
– coalition working to improve water quality in the Des Plaines River and its tributaries
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
– conservation, preservation and recreation
Lake County Forest Preserve District
– open space and natural areas for preservation, recreation and education
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency
– Des Plaines River flooding information at Lincolnshire, IL
Riverwoods Cost-Share Programs
– for Village help in caring for the woodlands
Riverwoods Ecologist Visit
– get an in-depth ecological assessment from the Village Ecologist
Riverwoods Electric Aggregation Program
– helping to keep electric rates low for residents
Riverwoods Tree Removal Permit Application
–  for a permit to remove a tree in the Village
Riverwoods Tree & Woodland Protection Ordinance
– sets limits on how much woodland can be removed from a village lot
Riverwoods Woodland Removal Ordinance form
– form to apply for a permit to remove woodland areas
Riverwoods Residents Association
– a support network furnishing annual vehicle stickers and providing funds for the Village Caucus party
Ryerson Conservation Area of the Lake County Forest Preserves
– a special preserve right on Riverwoods Road
South Lake County Mosquito Abatement District
– to learn news of West Nile Virus activity and to report mosquitoes, dead birds, and standing water
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


– federal agency for environmental protection
U.S. Geological Survey
– providing science about natural resources and hazards, the health of our ecosystems and environment, and the impact of climate and land-use changes