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Who We Are

The Riverwoods Preservation Council (RPC) is an organization of resident volunteers dedicated to preserving the ecological heritage of the Riverwoods community. The mission of the RPC is: 1) advocating for and promoting environmental and ecological awareness; 2) providing education of the organization’s members, residents of Riverwoods and the general public on environmental and ecological matters; and 3) advocating for and promoting environmentally sound practices. Emphasis is placed on information development, advocation, and education concerning woodlands and the rural ambience of Riverwoods.

The RPC is a non-governmental 501c3 organization. RPC members are all Riverwoods residents who have joined the RPC. If you’d like to become a member, please Contact Us.

What is the RPC’s message?

The central theme in all our activities has been simple: habitat preservation. A healthy habitat is a complex network of interdependent species. Plants and wildlife in Riverwoods have a variety of habitat needs if they are to survive. Like the plants and animals, we rely on our habitat for our physical well-being as well as for our personal enjoyment. The question for all of us is: how do we relate to our environment? Is it something for us to exploit, or something for us to nurture and preserve? The RPC believes that only through careful preservation will our fragile habitat survive. If we can convey that message well enough to inspire you, we know we will achieve our goals.

What are the RPC’s objectives?

The RPC has has established three primary goals for the next year or two: increasing recycling in the Village; increasing the number of households participating in the Village’s generous native plant cost-sharing program; and implementing four demonstration projects for bioretention in the Village. 

How does it affect me?

If you enjoy the secluded natural environment of Riverwoods, you are no doubt concerned about the future of our woodlands. There is also the economic factor. The value of Riverwoods properties arises in large measure from the uniqueness of our community – its wooded ambience.

How can I help?

If you would like to be added to the RPC’s email list, would like to contribute, or would like to become involved in our work, please Contact Us.

A note about the photos on this web site.
Except for the photographs of invasives, all of the photos on the main pages of this web site, and many of the other photos, were taken in Riverwoods by Riverwoods residents. We have tried to credit photos whenever possible. We thank all who contributed for their kind permission to use their beautiful works.