Board of Trustees Meeting Notes

May 21, 2019 

Present:  President Norris and Trustees Chamberlain, Clayton, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander, and Jamerson.

Director of Community Services Report: Rob Durning reported that the annual reminder letter will be sent to property owners who have a septic field to obtain an inspection and certify to the Village that the inspection has been completed.

Information Items and Comments from the President – Deerfield Road Widening Update:  Village Trustee Henry Hollander reported on the meeting between the Village and Lake County Department of Transportation (LCDOT). These items were discussed:

  1. There is no overall change in the proposed 3-lane widening plan.
  2. Construction is estimated to start in 2023.
  3. The next Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG) meeting is anticipated during Summer 2019, with a public hearing in Fall 2019.
  4. LCDOT is looking into whether storm water standards will be tightened for the project as a result of data included in a recent study showing significantly increased rainfall in Lake County during the past several years.
  5. The LCDOT survey of trees in the right of way of the Deerfield Road expansion area was based on trees with significantly greater diameter than the Riverwoods tree ordinance regulates. LCDOT will expand the tree survey to include smaller diameter trees as required under the Village tree ordinance after the route for the expansion has been finalized. It is likely all trees in the right of way will be removed. 350 desirable trees are estimated to be affected.
  6. A U-turn sign will be added at the southbound intersection of Milwaukee Avenue and Deerfield Road.
  7. A noise analysis is being completed. A sound barrier might be warranted at Deerfield and Saunders Roads. The barrier might include a wall of up to eight feet in height. It is up to the residents in the area of a proposed sound barrier whether it would be constructed. Two surveys of affected residents have been undertaken. Federal standards indicate that noise levels at that intersection already warrant a wall; the 2050 traffic estimate will be utilized for the updated noise analysis.
  8. Two wildlife crossings will be constructed across the widened Deerfield Road. One crossing is proposed at Thorngate Creek and the other is proposed at the Des Plaines River.
  9. It is unknown at this time whether the Village-owned property at the southeast corner of Deerfield Road and Milwaukee Avenue will be needed for storm water retention.
  10. The north end exit from the Shoppes of Riverwoods is being evaluated to determine whether it can be made into a full-access exit and entrance.
  11. The southwest sides of Deerfield and Portwine Roads and Deerfield and Saunders Roads are each being evaluated for the addition of a short stretch of sidewalk. On Portwine, the sidewalk would be constructed no farther south than Arrowwood Lane; on Saunders, the sidewalk would be constructed to the play lot at Thorngate.
  12. Striped pedestrian crossings are proposed on Deerfield Road at Hoffman Lane and Timberline Road. LCDOT proposed no signals at those crossings, but the Village wants the option to include signals.
  13. The bridge over the Des Plaines River will be widened on the south side by eight feet.
  14. Left-turn lanes will be added at the intersection of Deerfield and Portwine Roads in both the northbound and southbound directions.
  15. The wetlands impact of the project is estimated to be limited to 0.7 acres.

Village Attorney’s Report: Village Attorney Bruce Huvard reported that a Draper & Kramer representative said there is a new team interested in purchasing the 37 acres on Milwaukee Avenue south of Deerfield Road for multifamily and retail development. The team is particularly interested in multifamily development. The team also is interested in receiving Tax Increment Financing funding.



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