Board of Trustees Meeting Notes

April 23, 2019

Present:  President Norris and Trustees Chamberlain, Ford, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander, and Jamerson.

Campus Plan Surrounding Village Hall

The Agenda was set for the second reading and vote on the Campus Plan’s components in order to obtain final approval from the State of Illinois.  Mayor Norris provided an update on the State of Illinois’ review of the recommended Plan.  Dependent on the final vote, the State of Illinois will be notified of approved (or not approved) Plan components.  Prior to debate and Board voting, the public was invited to speak.

Michael Baumann conveyed his support for the communication effort related to the Campus Plan survey, but felt the response under represented the resident population and therefore the support for the project was in question.

Representing the Riverwoods Preservation Council David Shimberg shared the following statement:

  • We should all remember, with or without this Campus Plan, “living near our woodlands is not the same as spending time in the woods.”  There are many emerging findings about the positive health on adults and children when they spend as little as 20 minutes walking and breathing in the woods.
  • The original Campus Plan recognized the importance of residents accessing the woodlands.
  • The RPC President wishes thank the Mayor, the campus plan committee and the Board of Trustees for allowing the RPC to share its original vision for the Campus Plan and thank Mike Clayton, former RPC President and Trustee-Elect, for his efforts on behalf of the RPC and the residents of Riverwoods. 
  • We are excited that progress is being made with the Board’s version of the Campus Plan being considered tonight, although it falls short of our original vision. This is an important Legacy for Village children, the Village’s brand value and the concept of a Riverwoods Community.
  • From a financial perspective, we expect a reasonable portion of this capital investment to be shared with the State of Illinois, who recognize the importance of the Village’s submission and feel it is a worthy Illinois tax payer investment.
  • The RPC encourages the Board to include “accessible paths and nature play components in the approved plan” for the health and well-being of our community.

Michael Clayton encouraged the Trustees to approve the Committee’s recommendations.

Debate and Vote: 

The Board debated the various options related to the Plan and approved by a vote of 4-3 the Campus Plan components that include: Parking enhancements, Plaza development, the Patio at Village Hall, Shelter in some form, Pathways on the eastern portion of the Campus, and to enhance the existing Fire Pit by making it ADA-compliant (i.e., wheelchair accessible).



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The Riverwoods Preservation Council (RPC) has focused its reporting on those portions of the Board of Trustees meetings that pertain to issues of an environmental nature or that have impact on our natural environment. For additional information covered by the Board, we urge residents to view the Board meeting videos on the Village website (, found in the left column on the home page under “Meetings & Agendas/BOT Meeting Videos”.