Board of Trustees Meeting Notes

January 22, 2019

Present: Trustees Chamberlain, Ford, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander and Jamerson.

Absent: Mayor Norris (with Trustee Haber acting as President Pro Tem).

Flatwoods Heritage Center:

Trustee Chamberlain went to Springfield, IL, to make a three-minute presentation to the State grant committee regarding Riverwoods’s proposal for the Flatwoods Heritage Center surrounding Village Hall. The Trustees discussed the questionnaire to survey residents regarding the Center. The Trustees noted that the questionnaire must be open and unbiased; Board members must weigh resident input against their own consciences; and Board members must be aware that a vocal minority can sway the decision. The software that will be used for the survey will collect responses and elicit dialogue from residents. Residents will be notified of the pending questionnaire via the Village website, the Village Voice, emails, signage, and possibly a letter to each household. A paper survey also will be available at Village Hall.

One resident voiced his opposition to the Flatwoods Heritage Center. He believes there is no unmet need for the Center, since various park districts with playground facilities already exist in the immediate area. He felt the Center would not be utilized by north Riverwoods residents, because it would be too far for them to visit without driving. He noted that the 2015 Strategic Planning Survey (1) showed 58% of households had no children who would use playground facilities, and (2) when asked about the five most important things residents wanted the Village to spend money on, Village services came in last. The resident asked the Board not to base its future decision on the time and money already spent, and he requested that the Board evaluate the survey from a wide variety of perspectives. Trustee Jamerson noted that the Center is meant, first and foremost, to be a community gathering space, not a play area.

A second resident asked what could be done about the lights at the Village Hall and in the parking lot that shine into the living and bedroom areas of neighboring homes. She’s further concerned about additional lights that would be installed if the Center is constructed. Trustee Jamerson saw no problem with turning off the lights inside the Village Hall. He will look into turning off the outside lights, other that those that shine up onto the flagpole, and/or shielding the lights.





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